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Mureș Nicoleta (b.1996) is a romanian artist working with digital collages, videos, animation, 3D, AR and generative AI. Her practice is a continuous observation of the virtual body under different stress related situations, anxieties, fear. Her goal is to further investigate the possibilities and limitations that put the flesh, be it real or digital in the spotlight.
Her visuals predict a dystopian future, where people have to deal with unreal emotions, isolation, disembodiment while being influenced by the way in which technology fuels humanity’s desire to consume. Her projects reflect on how the Internet distorts life and the profound changes that affect humankind. The lack of reactions from reality is what made her think that we are heading towards a “numbness” of senses and personality. As we spend more time searching for content online, we increase the possibility that we become like the objects around us: still, fixed in appliances, immovable.
Nicoleta’s works were also displayed in festivals: Tour de MoonSimultan, Digerati Emergent Media Festival and art fairs: Liste Art Fair Basel and Viennacontemporary.  

Solo shows


  Rug beating, The Space 5X3, online

Group shows


Touch Nature, /SAC, Bucharest

In the heart of winter’s embrace, Galeria Solar, online


Desktop Studies, CAV – Visual Multimedia Art Center, Bucharest

Desktop Studies, Spam-Index X The Wrong Biennale, online

MAFA X Ready Media, Museum of Art, Arad

How to Trust a Simulation, Muzeul Național Tehnic Dimitrie Leonida, Bucharest

RMN-Ready Media Network, Altex București Orhideea, Bucharest

VideoClub (15th edition), Silent Green, Berlin

tell the story or it goes, MATCA artspace, Cluj-Napoca

BYoUSB by rhizome + do not research, The Locker Room, New York

Ghosts Whisper Loud and Clear, Zina Project Space, Cluj-Napoca

No Nightlife, Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart

Les plus fins du siècle
, NTT DATA Romania, Cluj-Napoca

UNSTABLE OBJECTS, Synthesis Gallery X New Art City, online

RÉVOLUTION V52- L’odyssée digitale, L’unique-Musée Dehors, Caen & Digitale Zone, Marseille

Pixel Lights, DIGITAL:CANVAS, Timișoara

Life in Virtuality, The Spirit Realm, online

They Thought We Were Alive and They Run Screaming, PLATO, Ostrava


The Real Show @SNDW, Sandwich Offspace, Bucharest

The Bittersweet Chaos of Becoming
, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Current Alternatives to Something That is Missing, MATCA artspace, Cluj-Napoca

  The Future Garden, Indecis, Timișoara

  Companions in Misfortunes, LA Artcore, Los Angeles

  After Party, ART CITY Bologna X Mock Jungle, Bologna

Kammerflimmer,Heizhaus, Nuremberg


Teoreticențe, Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest   

The Sublime 3.0: Fear and Awe- Agora Digital Art X The Wrong Biennale, online

2121- Time Capsule, Goodbuy Gallery, Bucharest

There Are Dreams That Walk With Us In Our Shadowy Reality, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Light clarity avocado salad in the morning, Jecza Gallery, Timișoara

This Will Age Well, Leilei Gallery, Bucharest

kinema ikon: serial/ s.4 e.4- Digital Self-Portrait, Museum of Art, Arad

There Are Dreams That Walk With Us In Our Shadowy Reality, Rubik, Cluj-Napoca

Aer proaspat, CAV – Visual Multimedia Art Center, Bucharest


#PPM5@theworkplace, Aici Acolo Pop-Up Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

My Life Coach Insisted on 90 Days of Self-Love, Atelier 35, Bucharest

Dunes, Dharma Initiatives, The Hague


DIPLOMA, Bucharest

  UAD graduation show, Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca

EnjoyeTV, Konstfack Gallery, Stockholm



I Believe in the Continuous Evolution of Species. an exercise on non-anthropocentric
, Letea


   RoxyDx: InstaX Residency, online

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