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There Are Dreams That Walk With Us In Our Shadowy Reality
(group show, Rubik, Cluj-Napoca- 2021)

Spending most of the waking hours exposed to the blue-light of the digital screens perturbs the sleep or nocturnal habits. A computer-worker dreams of the body returning in a form that outdoes physical limitations so that there is nothing to stop the productivity habit. The only protest against capitalist labour remains a desire to transcend the everyday experience through flashbacks, dreams sequences, fantasies, and interwoven stories, which are better left unsolved.

“Moderns mobilized artificial light to conquer the dark, disenchant the night, and create new media and art. The dark corners untouched by artificial light retained the qualities of ancient darkness, whatever its modern labels: gothic, sublime, unconscious, uncanny.” -  Noam M. Elcott, Artificial Darkness

Veiled by the fascinating duties of the contemporary life, individuals may appear lost and bewildered, finding themselves in an in-between, the  place of disorientation where one sheds their former status or identity but has not yet become what they will be.

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